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IBANs, or International Banking Account Numbers, is a standard international numbering system used to identify an overseas bank account. It helps to identify which individual account is involved in an international transaction, but does not replace a bank’s own account number.

 How does it work?

Consisting of a 2 letter country code, 2 check digits and up to 35 alphanumeric characters, users will have to use this code to send to a specific account. Using the wrong IBAN code might end up with your money being sent to the wrong destination, or you will get charged for an invalid payment.

Using Pakistan as an example, your IBAN number will be a 24 digit account number. As stated, the first 2 digits are the country code, then comes the Check digits. The next 4 digits is the bank code, and the last 16 digits is your customer account number.

What is my IBAN?

You can find your IBAN by logging into your online banking, on your bank statement or using various online tools

 A list of IBAN codes for Pakistani Banks

Al Baraka Bank Pakistan Limited  PK76 AIIN

Alfalah Bank Limited  PK22 ALFH

Allied Bank Limited   PK93 ABPA

Askari Bank Limited PK09 ASCM

Bank Al Habib Limited  PK65 BAHL

BankIslami Pakistan Limited  PK65 BKIP

Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited PK16 DUIB

Faysal Bank Limited PK86 FAYS

First Women Bank Limited PK84 FWOM

Habib Bank Limited  PK56 HABB

Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited  PK40 MPBL

JS Bank Limited  PK32 JSBL

MCB Bank Limited PK60 MUCB

MCB Islamic Bank Limited  PK71 MCIB

Meezan Bank Limited PK83 MEZN

National Bank of Pakistan PK91 NBPA

S.M.E. Bank Limited  PK48 SMES

Samba Bank Limited   PK51 SAMB

Silk Bank Limited      PK41 SILK

Sindh Bank Limited    PK93 SIND

Soneri Bank Limited    PK76 SONE

Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited   PK09 SCBL

Summit Bank Limited    PK40 SUMB

The Bank of Khyber    PK93 KHYB

The Bank of Punjab    PK03 BPUN

Ubl Bank Limited    PK51 UNIL

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